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The Past, The Present And The Future

I can’t believe it! I have been actively chatting in the blogosphere for some time, 100 times to be precise. Just 14 months ago I launched my blog which became a dream of mine when I moved to Singapore. I had a desire to create a personal blog, a place for me to have a voice, share my life experiences and the millions of … Read More The Past, The Present And The Future

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What Is Blogging, Actually?

Really mother? This was my initial reaction to her question, “What is blogging, actually?” After 14 months of sweating over WordPress, pouring my heart out to the global blogosphere my mum asks me now?! I of course went into detail with full throttle passion (I can’t help it, I am super proud of being a lifestyle blogger) but then thought mmm actually maybe she … Read More What Is Blogging, Actually?

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Let’s Talk About Instagram

Are you addicted? Q: Are you constantly checking how many likes your latest picture has? Feeling disappointment and misery if it’s less than 100? Q: Are you feelingΒ insecure scrolling through beautifully snapped photos of beauty gurus, toned bodies and perfectly designed homes? In a recent online Instagram rant-off a huge debate was taking place, do we seek constant social media validation or are we … Read More Let’s Talk About Instagram

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