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Help…I’m In A Fitbit Frenzy!

My name is Nicci and I’m a Fitbit addict. I feel I should come clean and admit that up front in the hope you take pity on me and help me with my dilemma. You see, I am quite frankly, obsessed with my Fitbit. I have had pretty much all models over the years, the latest being the Alta. I have had this for … Read More Help…I’m In A Fitbit Frenzy!

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GCC: Day 1 of a 100 day journey

Are any of you like me, addicted to your Fitbit? I’m constantly checking how many steps I have done. Have I reached my 10,ooo target? How much sleep did I get last night? How many calories have I burned? Oh yes, welcome to my life, I am a Fitbit addict! I love walking, running, spinning and it annoys me that my grueling spin classes … Read More GCC: Day 1 of a 100 day journey

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