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How To Stay Motivated To Work Out When You’re Away On Business

Let’s be honest, not all of us have the exercising mojo, all of the time. A long day at work, rubbish weather or generally being in a funk can completely change our desire to blow away the cobwebs and give our body the attention it deserves.  Advertisements


How I Got My Ass Back Into Spinning

I can’t walk, my legs are like jelly! I went to my first spin class last night, after 10 whole months. Oh man, you know that feeling when you take your time slooowly sitting in a chair and feel nervous about walking down steps for fear of collapsing? Yup, that’s precisely how I feel today!

+ Picture of a woman in trainers walking up steps

Kicking My Ass Into Getting Fit

Bring it on Fitbit! ​That little addictive silver band that I wear, you know the one that tells you when you have reached 15k steps, that nudges you when you’ve been sat down for too long and then tells you when you should be going to bed so you don’t turn into a pumpkin? Yeah that!  Time to make it work its ass off … Read More Kicking My Ass Into Getting Fit

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