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Probably one of my most used hashtags. And not just mine, on Instagram today it has 66,296,419 posts! That’s a hell of a lot of foodies out there. Has this become a general term which has lost its impact due to over-use or is an actual term which describes a group, a large group of people? Advertisements

+ Cooked Sui Mai in a steamed basked

A Dim Sum Masterclass At School Of Wok

I’m a domestic goddess. I officially announce myself so after having recently learnt how to make Wontons and a Dim Sum Basket. I am extremely proud of myself I have to say. I have been hugely inspired by our well known British fashion stylist and Chinese cooking writer, Gok Wan from his recent Gok’s Chinese Takeaway trip to Barcelona, to follow in his footsteps, embrace … Read More A Dim Sum Masterclass At School Of Wok

+ Singapore East Coast condo

Zàijiàn July, Ni Hao August!

No way… That’s seven months of 2017 gone, poof! Just like that! How the hell did that happen?

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