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+ Landscape photo of various fake tan: St Tropez, FakeBake, Sephora, James Read and St Moriz

I’ve Found The Best Fake Tan On The Market, No Really!

Random streaks? Smelling like a Digestive biscuit? Transforming into an orange right before your very own eyes… Sound familiar? Why is it that fake tan causes more problems than maybe it’s worth? Advertisements

+ Designer shoe collection, Christian Louboutin, Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Prada, Dior, YSL

My Shoe Fettish

Nicci Nice Shoes… My Singapore nickname. I quite like it and yes I hold my hands up and I am happy to shout out to the world, I am a shoe addict! I’m not quite sure when the love of shoes began but I do remember tottering around in my mum’s heels when I was little so I reckon it’s all her fault, and … Read More My Shoe Fettish

+ Flatlay of content of woman's handbag

Things I Believe In This Week: Flipflops, Aviators and Happiness

Summer is here! Over the past few weeks I have been waking up to sun streaming through my bedroom window and the sound of the waves crashing. No wonder I am feeling happy from the moment I wake up. That’s just two things to be grateful for without even having to think. The weather clearly has an impact on my mood, no wonder I … Read More Things I Believe In This Week: Flipflops, Aviators and Happiness

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