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+ Holiday picture in Spain

Life Lately: My Blogging Vacay

Three girls, three days. That’s all it took to clear my mind of some crazy ass stuff! A sun-packed, Prosecco-flowing, olive-filled trip to Spain to refresh and recharge.  When I have time to do this my head tends to end up in a different space. This is an Oh God moment for my nearest and dearest as it usually means I am on a mission. … Read More Life Lately: My Blogging Vacay


Friday Night at Ping Pong, Covent Garden

I’ve been missing for a couple of weeks…settling in to a new job and fighting one helluva a monster flu (losing my voice much to the joy of my colleagues!) had sent me into a coma every evening. There was an upside however to being unwell, I lost my appetite and a few lbs went missing without even trying…happy days! We have moved offices, we … Read More Friday Night at Ping Pong, Covent Garden

+ Singapore Lion City

Zàijiàn Singapore, Wǒ ài nǐ!

I can’t believe I am writing this post. It’s the one I have been dreading writing, for months. After over five years it’s time to leave Singapore. The airport scene was most definitely not as glamorous as I had planned. Casually arriving, bawling into the arms of one of my besties then wailing like a banshee at the BA check-in desk. Mmmm not one of my … Read More Zàijiàn Singapore, Wǒ ài nǐ!

+ paradise island

From Paradise, With Love

15 friends, 4 days, 1 private island. I have literally just been to paradise and back. 2 hours from Singapore is an island called Pulau Pangkil (which means small island) in Indonesia. A ferry, coach and quick speedboat is all it takes to transport you to nirvana! As the speedboat approaches the island you can’t help but let out a bit of a squeal…I hope … Read More From Paradise, With Love

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