Reset Your Mind: Why You Should Try A Floatation Pod

Aaaaand relax!

Anything which helps centre me, strengthens my inner peace and reminds me of how blessed I am in life, then I am jumping right in. So imagine when my friend suggests we go float in a tank for an hour…my flip-flops were on and I was at the door ready to go! This particular session was held at Palm Ave Float Club, Bugis Singapore. Continue reading “Reset Your Mind: Why You Should Try A Floatation Pod”

+ Nicci McShane

Weekend: Friends, Food and Frolics


Being Bold and Beautiful

You know what?

Sometimes life throws curve balls at us, situations change, people come and go. The severity of it really doesn’t matter. It can be at the worst end of the scale of excruciating pain such as a death, it can feel as though your insides have been pulled out and you wonder how the hell you are going to find that silver light at the end of the tunnel or it could be anything that just upsets you full stop. I know, it’s hurtful, I have been there too.  Continue reading “Being Bold and Beautiful”

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