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Hello Weekend

It’s finally here!

Mid-week days never go as quickly as the two at the weekend…sigh. I find myself asking, “Is it Monday already?” so I’ve decided to commit to making the most out of this weekend. I don’t want it to feel like it has passed me by in the blink of an eye.

The best thing is that everyone is united, there is no single human that doesn’t like weekends. I mean you can stay in your PJs all day, you can be completely unproductive, you can meet with friends and family or have a Netflix binge. There isn’t anything which is considered unacceptable, nor is there a time limit on anything we do. It’s space to unwind, switch off from the mayhem which comes with the working week and put that Good for Enterprise app away. Continue reading “Hello Weekend”

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Onwards And Upwards

Change…this is something I have never been afraid of. I’m a bit brave like that, I tend to trust my gut instinct (which is always pretty much right!) but it isn’t that easy for everyone. Change means things are different, whether you made the decision to adjust things yourself or not. But one important thing to remember is…everything happens for a reason.

This last week has seen a whole lotta transformation. Six of my friends have either resigned from their current job, started a new job or moved homes. That’s a whole lot of change! When things become peculiar, it can have funny effects on us. It can cause us to freak out, feel stressed, worried or it can have the opposite effect where some can embrace it with attitude and say, ‘Right what’s next?’  Continue reading “Onwards And Upwards”

+ Huge tree in Greenwich Park

Just A Walk In The Park…NOT

Ahhh weekend!

Bloody love these two days. I get a reenergised feeling, I want to research the hell out of my favourite blogs and what’s happening in the news, I want to get out and about to new places and I like to stretch my legs. Hence a walk in the park.

Or so I thought. The thought of an abundance of trees, squirrels (there are heaps of them in Greenwich Park), finding different paths to explore, kids and dogs all running free without a care in the world and couples holding hands gives (in my opinion) a bit of a blissful feeling. Continue reading “Just A Walk In The Park…NOT”

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