Sunday, I love you

I’m not quite sure which is my favourite day of the week. On a Thursday I think it’s Friday because I know the weekend is approaching, on a Friday I think it’s Saturday because I cannot wait to have a lie in and know I have two whole days of chilling and then Sunday arrives. So today, my favourite day is Sunday.



It’s the last day of relaxation before the busy week starts all over again. It’s my date day with Netflix (I am addicted to Once Upon A Time) and ensuring everything is ready for the week ahead. I love that feeling of accomplishment on a Sunday evening when all the laundry is out of the way, my blog posts are scheduled for the next week and I have everything laid out for Monday.

Whereas Monday to Saturday I catch up on the news, Sundays are reserved for catching up on my favourite blogs, curling up, napping and scouring Flipboard for interesting articles I can feed my brain with. I like to schedule my posts for the coming weeks and well, generally being organised.


Photo Cred: Juliette Leufke


There is something about Sundays where I cheat on tea and want to drink coffee. Tea just doesn’t cut it. I love the smell of roasted coffee beans, the sound of the coffee machine blasting out steam and being presented with a cup laden full of caffeine goodness.

Sundays for some are a bit of a downer. They know Monday is approaching and it’s back to work. Some even have Sunday night blues and can’t sleep. I think if you spend time prepping for the week ahead when you wake then it helps release some of those blues and let’s you chill your beans for the rest of the day.


Photo Cred: Alice Hampson

It’s raining outside today so I am super cosy at home and feeling productive. After all, I am speaking to you guys planning on drinking copious amounts of coffee and enjoying an awesome day. Sunday, I love you.


Photo Cred: Annie Spratt


How do you spend your Sundays, is it one of your favourite days too?

N x


Friday Night at Ping Pong, Covent Garden

I’ve been missing for a couple of weeks…settling in to a new job and fighting one helluva a monster flu (losing my voice much to the joy of my colleagues!) had sent me into a coma every evening. There was an upside however to being unwell, I lost my appetite and a few lbs went missing without even trying…happy days!

We have moved offices, we are now in the Cornhill area of London. To me it feels like proper London, cobbled streets and cute alleyways with Harry Potter-esque pubs to dive in from the cold. More upsides are that it’s an awesome 30 minute journey from home and one of my friends works round the corner, so it’s a winner all round.

My appetite has returned in full force. I am back to searching for new and different restaurants to try. As you will know from my previous post I am on a mission to find the equivalent of Din Tai Fung, in London. My Singapore friends shared an article that my exact wish is about to come true…excited much!

One of the restaurants I have wanted to try since my first week is Ping Pong. They have nine restaurants dotted around London, one of which is Covent Garden.

Ping Pong Covent Garden: 23-24 Maiden Lane, WC2E 7NA


The exterior is deceptive. The restaurant is vast, the seating spaciously covers four floors. We dined on the lower floor which usually, you feel when this happens, that you’re going to the less decorated or less important area (in my opinion!), but it was exactly the same as the others, the decor spreads equally throughout and each floor is just as busy!

I was immediately excited when I spotted that you order in the exact same way as in Din Tai Fung…it’s simple, quick and when you have an awesome waitress like we did, the experience is awesome. Her name is Natalia.

Hong Kong Colada

Whilst deciding what goodness was going into our mouths (I actually just wanted to hand over the menu and say “Yes I’ll have all of that please”), Natalia suggested we try the Black Sesame Prawn Crackers. I sometimes find these crackers too oily but not these little beauties, they don’t leave that oily film on your fingers and they have a slight kick when you have a few dips in the chilli sauce!

What I like about Ping Pong is that they present typical dishes in new and unusual ways. We ordered what would normally be prawn toast and spring rolls…this is how they are presented here…

Of course, this is dim sum nirvana so it’s a crime not to order any! I am salivating and I wish I was back there right now so I think it’s sensible if I just show you my foodgasm euphoria…

Shanghai Xiaolongbao

Crispy Duck Spring Roll

Crispy Chilli Squid

Char Sui Bun


Prawn and Scallop Sticky Rice

Natalia described each dish as it was placed on the table, looking after us well. She ensured we had everything we needed, including wine! To give you a face to the name, here she is…


If you haven’t yet tried one of the Ping Pong restaurants, I highly recommend it. They even do an all you can eat buffet on a Sunday! One thing is for sure, I will be back.

Try it out, you’ll love it!

N x



Things I Believe In This Week: Sleep, Lipgloss & Love

There is a lot I take for granted. I don’t mean to, it just happens. Like toasting crumpets and making a cup of masala tea when I wake up. It’s like routine?

I think we all take things for granted in some ways without even realising or thinking but something just dawned on me. Somewhere someone in this world didn’t wake up today and somewhere someone in this world won’t go to sleep tonight. Depressing I know but it just reminded me to believe and remember that the simplest of things, are things I really should be appreciating and in the moment.

Belief is a powerful word. It means trust, faith, confidence and an acceptance that something is true. There are three things this week which I believe in:



Photo Cred: David Cohen

I have always been a bit of an insomniac, especially when something is on my mind. I can be awake until the early hours of the morning then my problem becomes that magnified that I need a UN Summit to take place in my bedroom to sort it out. I somehow sometimes even manage to get by on just FOUR hours of sleep…for DAYS! I have suffered with this since childhood, somehow I fight sleep. When I was young it was because I was scared there would be a fire in the house and if I didn’t stay awake I couldn’t detect it. This bothered me for a long time and I went round the house unplugging every electrical appliance. It is something that has stuck with me as I have grown older and I know it creates a massive annoyance for people having to constantly switch things back on!

This week, I have slept extremely well. My FitBit has tracked over 7 hours of Sleeping Beauty snoozing, for four whole evenings. I have underestimated the power of sleep. I feel rested, I allowed myself to let go and put myself on charge ready for the next day. It feels nice.


Okay I know what you’re thinking, this is weird. Well, I beg to differ. I run through lipgloss like milk. I am constantly applying it, mainly to prevent dry lips even though I think some of these actually hinder rather than help. Since I have been back in colder weather I think I am putting Dior out of business. My favourite new purchase is Dior Addict Ultra Gloss 041 – Famous (above). It feels lavish, it isn’t too sticky like most lip glosses and it has a brilliant crystal like shine once applied. I realised this week it makes my lips look fuller so if you’re looking for that plump shiny look this is the gloss for you. If you are prepared to wrestle me at the counter for the last of the stock that is!



Photo Cred: Roman Kraft

My final belief this week…is love. In its truest form and in so many ways, but starting with self love. This is pretty significant because if you don’t love yourself, as in having a healthy respect for yourself, then how can you expect anyone else to love you? Self love is about enjoying your own company, your raw self, without anything disrupting that harmony such as alcohol or naughty food. They are for another day!

“Where there is love there is life” ~Mahatma Gandhi

What have you believed in this week?

N x

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