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What Is Blogging, Actually?

Really mother?

This was my initial reaction to her question, “What is blogging, actually?”

After 14 months of sweating over WordPress, pouring my heart out to the global blogosphere my mum asks me now?! I of course went into detail with full throttle passion (I can’t help it, I am super proud of being a lifestyle blogger) but then thought mmm actually maybe she has a point here. Time to time I have come across people who are kind enough to support, follow and share my posts but deep down aren’t sure exactly what it all means or I occasionally see a glazed look when I proudly tell people I am a blogger. Continue reading “What Is Blogging, Actually?”

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Let’s Talk About Instagram

Are you addicted?

Q: Are you constantly checking how many likes your latest picture has? Feeling disappointment and misery if it’s less than 100?

Q: Are you feeling insecure scrolling through beautifully snapped photos of beauty gurus, toned bodies and perfectly designed homes?

In a recent online Instagram rant-off a huge debate was taking place, do we seek constant social media validation or are we inspired by that aspirational photo which injects immense creativity? Continue reading “Let’s Talk About Instagram”

+ Prawn fried rice, Tai Won Mein

Tai Won Mein Noodle House, Greenwich

Ni hao Chinese food!

My favourite cuisine. I can almost taste crispy duck and sticky hoi sin sauce oozing out of a soft floury pancake right now. And it’s only 8:44am.

I am happy to admit I am a foodie, I suffer from foodporn. I not only constantly think of what I am going to have for my next meal, I am simultaneously checking my mailbox for the latest delivery flyers and scouring The Nudge or Design My Night for new restaurants. A full on diet is never gonna happen for me because I just love food too much! Continue reading “Tai Won Mein Noodle House, Greenwich”

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