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Three Things

Something doesn’t feel right.

It’s one of those days where something feels off, like I’m a little unsettled? The minute I woke I felt it, maybe I had a bad dream that I can’t remember (don’t you hate that!) or I’m psychic (I wish) and something is on it’s way… Continue reading “Three Things”

+ Woman with reflection in water holding an umbrella in the rain and wind

7 Reasons To Be Grateful When The Weather Is Naff

It’s been raining for hours.

It’s times like this where you can wake up with that meh feeling, not so bright and cheery as normal. The weather really can have an impact on how people feel, just as the sun and warmth has a notable positive impact, the rain, wind and cold can most definitely allow those negative thought patterns to disperse. Continue reading “7 Reasons To Be Grateful When The Weather Is Naff”



Probably one of my most used hashtags.

And not just mine, on Instagram today it has 66,296,419 posts! That’s a hell of a lot of foodies out there. Has this become a general term which has lost its impact due to over-use or is an actual term which describes a group, a large group of people? Continue reading “#Foodie”

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