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From Cloud Eggs To Coffee Bagels: What’s Next?

I’ve seen it all now!

Caffeinated bagels, blue Prosecco, nipple nude lipsticks, cloud eggs and did you know there is such a thing called avocado hand?!

Oh yes, so now that we seem to be in the middle of an avocado party (ok me included), people are actually hurting themselves when cutting up an avocado! Yup, you heard right. And we aren’t talking a little knife scrape, we are talking about deep tendon cuts…I feel sick. There are now videos showing the correct way to do this so as to avoid a visit to A&E. Make sure you check it out! Continue reading “From Cloud Eggs To Coffee Bagels: What’s Next?”

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Working From Home

This is an increasing trend, a popular option for both the employer and the employee. It even has it’s own acronym…WFH.

In the city it can be as a result of property downsizing meaning desk reductions. It can be because you are self employed and you don’t want the additional office building and heating costs or it could just be that this option suits your personality. As more firms are offering this flexibility, there is unfortunately still a stigma around it. The belief that no work will be done at all, it’s seen as an opportunity to scive and the lack of oversight is what makes employers nervy. Survey feedback suggests that the lack of trust is concerning. Continue reading “Working From Home”

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Free-flow Prosecco At M Threadneedle Street, London

Situated a stones throw away from some of London’s finest historical buildings including The Royal Exchange and the Bank of England is the luxurious M Restaurant.

The Bank area of London is one of my favourite parts of the city. I am a massive movie buff and knowing that some of the most famous movies have been filmed here is pretty awesome. Take for example Leadenhall Market which was Diagon Alley in Harry Potter, Cornhill for Bridget Jones (remember the scene where she came running out in her knickers and a cardigan in the snow to find Mr Darcy? Yes that was on Cornhill!) and more recently the new Mary Poppins film. Movie nirvana or what?! Continue reading “Free-flow Prosecco At M Threadneedle Street, London”

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