+ Love Greenwich London

Falling A Little Bit In Love With Greenwich, London

I have had my exploring pants on.

London and I are becoming better acquainted. Madness has been blasting in my ears as I have been enduring some steptastic cobweb-clearing walks . The funny thing is, although I am naturally an inquisitive madam, I have just wanted to walk freely without the deep desire to learn what everything means and its origins. That’s for another time, this has been to wander aimlessly and feel dam good.

It worked.




Greenwich is in the South East of London, most famous for Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) which is on which all world times are based. The Royal Observatory proudly sits on a hill in Greenwich Park. It’s a pretty steep walk up to the top but it’s worth it, the views are spectacular and gave me an idea of just how huge the park is! It houses a bandstand, a boating lake, a children’s park, a Maritime Museum and much more. It’s most definitely a fantastic chilled place for an afternoon out and taking a picnic would seal an awesome day.





It’s beautiful and quaint. It reminds me of a seaside village. It is fairly touristy in parts but that adds to its charm packed with history and vintage aura. Local shops, cosy pubs and stores selling homemade produce lures people on a sunny but wintery day. It feels snug and comfortable.


Talking of snug I found a cafe in a quiet side street to the left of the park…Heap’s Sausages. The menu is one mouth-watering temptation full of gourmet sausages, dry cured bacon and which is pleasing to see, plenty of vegetarian options. A homey sharing-tables concept adds to its appeal so that coupled with a good brew (I am so British), a bacon and egg sarnie and HP sauce = foodgasm.





Heap’s Sausages: 8 Nevada Street, London

After refueling, time to see what the Greenwich Foot Tunnel is all about. This is a walkway underneath the River Thames which connects Greenwich South, to North. Apparently this was built to assist workmen getting to work as crossing the river by the ferry service was then, unreliable. The walk is less than half a kilometre and took about seven minutes. That’s how long is actually takes to walk across the Thames!


Greenwich Foot Tunnel, South side


The final leg of nosiness was at The Royal Naval College, it’s free admission to roam around it’s majestic buildings and impressive landscape. This was originally built as a hospital for seamen and then became the base for training the Royal Navy. It’s now used for many other activities such as filming and the Chapel holds a weekly service.




This is just one small snapshot of London, I have so much more to discover.

Stay tuned!

N x

+ In-between jobs relaxing

What To Do In-between Jobs?

This is me.

I am in-between jobs. Since leaving my previous company after 18 years, moving countries and settling into a new apartment, I start my new job in two weeks. How exciting?! The relocation and furnishing of a new home has kept my mind occupied including the admin that comes with this, but now it’s finally time for a break. Two weeks real break isn’t all that long before I start my new job where I will be going in all guns blazing, so it’s important I enjoy some time out before it all begins again.


Photo Cred: Anna Dziubinska

I need time to gather my thoughts, to settle in and to be well, just…still. All of a sudden the craziness has stopped and things are slowing down but I am struggling to actually relax. I miss feeling at peace and as tranquil as I did in Singapore. I’m not sure whether it was the chilled flip-flop vibe, that safe atmosphere or the constant sunshine which injected happiness but it was alluring. Ahhh memories. Right now for me it’s important that I accept and allow all the cards in the deck that have been thrown up in the air to land in their own time.

So…two weeks of chill time left hey. I now have more space to think and it’s imperative that I don’t waste this time. I don’t like wasting my life as it is, you only get one life so we should be enjoying every second of it right? I have spent this morning feeling extremely proud of my acccomplishments, I do this frequently to remind myself that throughout some huge changes in my life, I have achieved some amazing things. Oh yes, my attitude of gratitude is back! I lost it for a short while when everything felt in disarray which did affect my mood but it’s time to re-focus.

A photo by Aaron Burden. unsplash.com/photos/xG8IQMqMITM

Photo Cred: Aaron Burden

How am I going to use my time wisely? Here’s the plan…

SPENDING TIME WITH MY LOVED ONES and accepting the support they have already given and continue to give me. I have always been an independent little soul and sometimes struggle when receiving help but especially whilst I am going through such change, I have to allow myself to lean on them.

MAKING YET ANOTHER LIST of everything which has been nagging at me, all those odd jobs, the admin, the things I put off. I’m crossing everything off that list whilst I don’t have any added pressure.

CULTIVATING MY PERSONAL BRAND and updating my social media pages. I spend a lot of time networking so now is the perfect time to think how I want to show the best version of me, how do I want my profiles to appear and especially LinkedIn for when I am ready to rock the new job.

ACKNOWLEDGING, ACCEPTING AND ALLOWING the tough times, when I miss Singapore and feel a little sad. But that’s ok, if I didn’t feel this way then the last five years there would have been a waste of time and it has probably been the best five years of my life! That’s quite amazeballs.

EXERCISING MY ASS OFF through the local park. My running mojo is returning, although now it includes a jumper!

FINALLY I WOULD LOVE A MINI VACATION to take some time out completely from the last few months. A fresh environment away from where I have moved from and to in order to refresh my mind, inject some energy and enjoy a monumental recharge! Not sure if this one will happen but even a day/evening away would be amazing.


Photo Cred: David Lezcano

If you have any other suggestions on how to spend this transition time please do let me know your ideas, I would love to try them!

N x

+ London

Five Forgotten Things About London

I moved to London precisely 15 days ago.

The evil jet lag has finally decided to torture someone else. I have purchased my first coat, pair of boots (okay make that three!) and have stashed up on some awesome Victoria Beckham Estee Lauder makeup.

In my previous post I shared that I was coping quite well with my move from Singapore. I still think I am but in all honesty, this week I have struggled a little. I made the mistake of catching Singapore F1 coverage on TV and I almost had a meltdown. Tears were streaming down my face, I had that horrible homesick feeling, I began to miss it terribly and the realisation hit me, I really wasn’t on vacation in London.


St Pauls Cathedral, London

I think when you make the decision to relocate (unless it’s a place you really are hopping and skipping to move to), you need to prepare yourself that although it may seem easy to just get on with it, there will be times when you are hit with the homesick stick. It’s a bizarre feeling as although this is my mother country, I feel a little out of place. I know I am not in a strange place in the sense that they speak a different language or that I don’t know where to buy milk, it’s just taking me a little while to find my feet again I guess. One of my friends told me last night that it’s just another example of my bravity and I never do things by halves. That kinda made me smile and suddenly I felt proud. I think when I get that nervous feeling, I just need to keep reminding myself of this and I have had some amazing support from my nearest and dearest. I have to say a massive thankyou to everyone who has been helping me settle back in!



Putting the emotions aside, I have been getting out and about as much as I can. I am a bit of an explorer and love experiencing new things. Some things I have obviously seen before but this time it is with fresh eyes. We spent last weekend capturing moments in between shop hopping! As I have never lived in London I’m keen to absorb as much as I can and share the awesomeness with you of the Big Smoke.






I forgot how beautiful the cobbled streets are, they are Sherlock Holmes-esque! I forgot just how much history is packed into the city and what the smell of cooked chestnuts on stands in the street is like!


Cold weather is fast approaching so this is the first time in over five years that I can go shopping for a whole new winter wardrobe, I can almost hear my credit card whimpering in my purse. I am going from one season all year round, back to four, how gorgeous!


Throughout my time so far exploring, there are a few things I have forgotten about London…

  1. You walk, a lot! My step count is going to be massive each day. Bring it on.
  2. It takes ages to get anywhere by cab! It’s quicker to walk sometimes, hence first point.
  3. After living in Singapore, alcohol and food is so much more affordable. I am getting double the amount!
  4. The tube is roasting. Oh and whilst I’m at it, working out the tube is like playing a tough game of Sudoku. I can’t even play an easy game of that. Thank god for the Citymapper App.
  5. There are a million people rushing around all the time. In Singapore I used to moan about people meandering round with zero sense of urgency and most of them watching TV on their phones at the same time (it wound me up beyond belief) yet now I am like “Hey what’s the rush?!”



It’s different, but it’s cool. I will be step-tastic, stocked full of food, prepped for the tube and able to maneuver myself across London like Usain Bolt soon. Stay tuned!


N x

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